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Williams & Triggs advertising

Project: Williams & Triggs are a long established business producing bespoke memorial headstones for churchyard and cemetry use.

Brief: To develop a marketing strategy that would increase sales, build awareness of the company – both to people searching for a memorial and key referrers such as funeral directors  – and set the company apart from its competitors by promoting the wealth of knowledge and experience within the firm.

Solution: A robust marketing plan was developed to include a programme of targeted local advertising, a full website review and refresh, and the creation of a new catalogue featuring the full range of memorial designs.  This replaced the manufacturers’ catalogues that competitors also use. An important part of the plan was to position the company as a skills-based business rather than a provider of products, added value that would help the company to maintain and improve margin in a difficult economic climate.

Results: Together with a marked increase in sales, relationships with referring businesses has strengthened and a platform for sustained growth has been created.