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Something Different ‘Wellbeing’ catalogue

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Project: ‘Something Different’ are a successful B2B online gift wholesaler, supplying largely US imported goods to niche wholesalers and retailers throughout the UK and Europe. A demand for printed catalogues from their buyers led to expensive mailing of the thick US manufacturers catalogues, largely full of other products irrelevant to the buyers.

Brief: To create greater awareness and grow the customer base for ‘Something Different’, the online B2B gift company.

Solution: Working closely with the ‘Something Different’ marketing team, we identified several disparate markets amongst their customers, eg, boutique gift shops, holistic outlets, funeral parlours and zoos, which could be targeted with their own catalogue. The ‘Wellbeing’ catalogue contains a broad range of product however, which is taken by the majority of these – so this was produced first. We undertook the photography, design, artwork and print, involving an 8 week, work intensive schedule, culminating in launch of the catalogue range at the NEC Autumn Fair in Birmingham.

Each month leading up to and beyond this, a fully branded e-shot with all the latest offers is transmitted to over 6,000 of their customers. The offers are product based, encouraging bulk purchases through price, added value, and tailored to seasonal preferences

Results: The new marketing materials at their disposal have considerably increased brand awareness of ‘Something Different’, making them a recognisable force in the B2B market – and not just a re-seller of US manufactured goods.